Commission Prices



+$65 for additional characters

+$60 for a background

A rough drawing of your character in colored greyscale. This is a great option for those wanting to get a fun idea drawn quickly!

Colored Drawings


+$125 for additional characters

+$75 for a background

A colored drawing will feature cleaner lines than a sketch, full color, and shading. To help with the narrative of the piece, you can add props; however, there will only be a simple abstract background as default.

Character Painting


+$300 for additional characters

A character painting is a fully rendered picture of your character. The background will be left abstract to focus the attention on your character. This is the best option if you want to see your character in my painting style but don’t have a narrative in mind.



+$350 for additional characters

Time to pull out all the stops. This commission has a lot of process work, features an entire narrative, and includes a detailed background. If the illustration has background characters, then you get to decide who makes a cameo appearance (They do not count as additional characters).



+$75 for a duo icon

Icons are character paintings from the neck up, focusing mainly on the face. You get to decide on the character’s expression along with the background they are located in.



+$100 for additional characters

Portraits are waist-up paintings that aim to capture the personality of your character. Like icons, you can pick the expression and background, but you have more freedom with the pose.




More info

Sketch sequences are a series of colored grey-scale sketches depicting your character changing in some way. These work the best for weight gain, muscle gain, transformation, and just growth in general. The default amount of stages will always be three, but you can add as many as you want to tell your story.

+$90 for additional stages

+$90 for additional characters

for each stage they are in

+$75 for a background



More info

Colored sequences are just like sketch sequences but done in the quality of my colored drawing tier. You can add two different types of backgrounds. The simple one is still detailed, but it is the same background in every image. The complex one changes the background and perspective in each image. Like the one before, this sequence starts off at three stages, but additional ones can be added.

+$150 for additional stages

+$150 for additional characters

for each stage they are in

+$75 for single background

+$75 for each complex background



More info

This type of sequence is contained within a page. All of the drawings will be done in my colored style. You can’t add additional stages like the other tiers, and the amount of stages depends on the room on the page. There won’t be any room for a background in this commission, but I can include small props or scenarios around the main stages.

+$300 for additional characters

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