Ordering a Commission

The Process



Wait for me to make an announcement that my commissions are open on Twitter or FA. My commissions open up shortly after the previous batch is done.


Apply For A Commission

Once my commissions open up, you can come to this page and order one. Commissions are NOT first come first serve. Instead, I keep the forms open for 48 hours. This gives you plenty of time to think up an idea and submit it.


The Waiting Period

After my selections have been made, I will make a public post and reach out to the individual clients. When I contact you, I will confirm the commission and then let you know where you are on the waiting list.


Your Turn

When it becomes time for me to work on your commission, I will reach out and send the invoice. If preferred, you can ask for the commission to be broken up into segments rather than paying all upfront. Once paid, I will work on concepts and sketches to get approved by you. If approved, I will then finish the commission and send you a high-quality file of it.

Terms of Service


I will only accept payment via PayPal invoice in United States Dollars (USD). Payment made in other currencies will not be accepted. However, PayPal provinces a feature to easily transfer the currency to USD.

I expect any payment to be made within 48 hours of receiving the invoice. This will normally occur at the beginning of the process, and after the sketch was approved. The payment can be delayed if an emergency arises. Otherwise, I expect payment within that time frame. If you fail to pay the invoice within the timeframe, the commission will end, and you will receive only what you paid for. Failing to pay may also result in blacklisting.

Cancellation and Refund

As the artist, I reserve the right to refuse, reject, or cancel a commission at any stage. If the piece has already been started and it was canceled, I will partially refund your money and send you whatever progress I have on the product. Commissions that have been completed will not be refunded.

Usage of Product

Once the commission is complete, I allow you to post the image to your own gallery along with cropping it into an icon; however, I must be credited whenever that occurs. If you want to modify or edit the work, ask permission before you do so.

As the artist, I retain the right to display the completed artwork in my gallery and use it as an example for my future work. I am also allowed to stream my process on the commission. If the commission is a gift and is desired to be a surprise, I am willing to be discreet about it. The piece won’t be posted until the agreed-upon date and will not be shown on stream. If there is a reasonable cause to do so, I will allow a private commission. You must tell me beforehand in the commission document.


Will Draw

  • Any species, including humans
  • Complicated designs. However, there might be an added price tag depending on the complexity.
  • Fat characters, from chubby to immobile
  • Inflation, both water and air
  • Muscles
  • Macro
  • Micro
  • Transformation, including human to anthro
  • Big paws & feet
  • Pooltoys
  • Detailed background

Won't Draw

  • NSFW
  • Babyfurs
  • Vore
  • Blood/gore
  • Scat
  • Diapers
  • Hyper

If you have any questions about what I will and will not draw, please feel free to send me a message anytime to ask.

I am more than happy to respond.

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